Encouraging words

Your unconscious knows a lot more about playing baseball than your conscious does.  

     It's not a bad idea, then, to feed it with words of encouragement.  And it is a bad idea to tell it things you don't want to believe, like "I suck," or "I can never hit a curve ball."  Your unconscious believes what you tell it, like when someone who always says they are late are always late no matter how early they start out.  Believing in yourself and having the right attitude about your successes and your failures is essential to anything you want to do well, especially baseball, which we all know to be the hardest game to play well.  Still it's the greatest game to play even when you can't play so well, especially with the right attitude.

     Below is a list of words or phrases.  Each will bring you to a page where the encouragement is spelled out.  A couple years ago one of our best pitchers blew a game he could have easily won.  He didn't lose his stuff, he lost his stuffing.  The fans behind home plate were unbearable and the home plate umpire did nothing to control the game.  It made me go out to learn all I could about the mental game.  I've been interested in psychology and the mind since I was a kid.  But when it comes to the mental part of baseball,  no one I know is more helpful than H. A. Dorfman.  I encourage anyone who has read this far to buy one or all of his books, Coaching The Mental Game, The Mental Game Of Baseball, The Mental ABC's Of Pitching, and the The Mental Keys To Hitting.  





Game Face


Strong Between The Ears (Tony La Russa)





Practice  ~Perfect?

Ball Four p.432 last full paragraph

“…you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.”  --Jim Bouton, Ball Four   {Did you know that Jim Bouton invented Big League Chew?}

Your unconscious knows a lot more about playing baseball than your conscious does.
So it's a good idea NOT to think, but to relax and play.

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